Small Business Coaching and Consulting Services for Your Indie Business

Having grown an online retail business from scratch over the course of five years, my partner and I had to learn about every aspect of online retail, from marketing and PR to product photography and analytics. If you're stuck in a rut or not sure what you can do to improve your indie business it's time to call in some help. For an affordable hourly rate, we can chat by phone about your concerns and come up with creative solutions to address them. If you don't find our call helpful, the call is FREE!

Here are just a few areas we can offer assistance with:

Drop us a line and we'll come up with a plan that fits your budget and needs.

A few things past clients have said:

"Guess what? I'm learning so much from you! I so appreciate your advice (I've read so much of your blog) and I will send you an update soon! Thank you so much Meredith!"

"Thanks for all the invaluable information! I will begin implementing your suggestions. Thanks again for your help!"
Patrice, The Soap Seduction

"OMG- WOW!!!! Thanks so much for all the great suggestions. You are absolutely right, on all accounts and you’ve given me lots of great info to think about."

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