Run A Successful Contest For Your Small Business

Contests are a wonderful way to grow your brand but there's also a lot to consider. This 52 page e-book explores promotional contests in depth and provides 45 real world examples of successful promotional contests. We'll explore each contest in detail and you'll discover how the brand benefited from the campaign. This ebook will inspire you to come up with winning contests for your brand and help you understand how to make them effective.
Also included:
  • 11 factors you must consider before launching a contest
  • 8 different ways to promote a contest
  • A master list of 40 places you can easily get links and traffic for your contest
  • Tactics for encouraging people to become fans on Facebook without breaking Facebook's promotional rules
  • Top notch examples of how you can use contests to:
    • increase brand awareness
    • improve customer engagement
    • improve your SEO
    • drive social media connections
    • score media placements
    • encourage customer loyalty and brand affinity
    • increase your website traffic
    • develop better products
    • grow your mailing list
    • drive sales
    • reinforce your branding

Special thanks to those that made this book possible. Including:
Rosamond Gifford Zoo
Geben Communication
Strategic Guru
ChiZine Publications
Fox Valley Volkswagen

"Rather than writing only about the ins and outs of sponsoring a contest (which she does), Meredith has also included 45 examples of actual contests. She discusses the specifics of each contest as well as what business owners can learn from it. You'll pick up all sorts of ideas that you can apply to your own contest! How practical is that?" - A Fine Tooth Comb

"45 Contests is an excellent resource for understanding all of the details for creating and managing your own contest effectively. The eBook provides an excellent step by step approach for creating your own contest and removes all of the thinking of "what do I do next?" and instead becomes the perfect checklist to follow when you create your own contest." - Jason Dirks, Meylah

"clearly outlines the basic principles of running a contest or giveaway and what you need to consider when choosing which concept is right for your business...The contests listed here will inspire you with ideas that are applicable for both in person retail and service industry businesses as well as online only business. Meredithís book actually inspired me to run my very first Twitter contest" - Miss Malaprop

"Here's why you should read it: If you are thinking about running a promotional contest to grow your business, but you arenít sure where to begin. If you need a clear, step-by-step approach to designing and managing your own contest.If you want to follow a comprehensive checklist and get rid of 'marketing overwhelm'." - Makery Blog

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