Marketing Plans for Your Indie Business

Are you so new to or overwhelmed by marketing that you're not sure where to start?

Are you intimidated by marketing your business?

Have you been trying different tactics aimlessly, without knowing if what you're doing is working or what you should try next?

Are you having trouble deciding what to try next to grow your business?

These issues are common with new creative entrepreneurs, because successfully marketing a business is a big nut to crack. Luckily, help is here in the form of an ebook, Marketing With a Plan: How to Successfully Implement Effective Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Small Business (Without Using Words Like "Synergy").

Why you'll love this book:

  • Written by a creative entrepreneur for creative entrepreurs. I'm no armchair philosopher when it comes to marketing an online retail business. My partner and I started our online retail business from scratch and now ship thousands of products to customers each year

What's included:

Note: To most accurately and effectively compare the results of your marketing campaigns with projections, it's best to work with Google Analytics (or another program like it). I've written a comprehensive guide on how to work with Google Analytics, which makes a great companion read for Marketing With a Plan. Please consider purchase carefully before ordering, all sales are final.