Public Relations Marketing & Scoring Free Publicity!

Ever wonder how your competitors are getting featured in popular magazines, newspapers, websites and even TV shows and movies? It's not just dumb luck. Getting those placements takes some effort and some know-how. If you're a DIY kind of entrepreneur and you just need to know how to make it happen, look no further.

Sure, you could hire a publicist. You'll pay tens of thousands of dollars for their help and just be one client on a roster of many. They probably won't guarantee you any press, but they'll take your hard-earned money for just the chance to maybe get some publicity. While some publicists can certainly deliver value, there are no assurances. Why take the risk when you can be your own publicist?

If you want to start scoring free publicity on your own, Scoring Publicity For Your Small Business was written for you. This DIY guide takes you through every step of the process, training you to use public relations marketing like an expert.

Here's what's included:

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Disclaimer: While I've outlined every step of the process I've used to successfully score free publicity for my own company, I cannot guarantee your results will be the same. I strongly believe these tips will make you a better publicist for your brand, but seeing positive results depend on many factors which are beyond my control. The closer you follow the steps described in this tool, the more likely you are to see good results. Please consider purchase carefully before ordering, all sales are final.