Does SEO Scare the Pants off of You?

Fear no more! I've broken SEO down into 4 simple pieces. I've gathered advice from dozens of leading experts in the SEO industry and compiled it into simple-to-understand categories.

"To me, SEO is the mystery of the ages. It makes my brain hurt."

If that sounds like you, it's time to face that SEO monster in the closet and put him in his place. SEO is something anyone can do, including you. My simple guide will help you understand the components of effective SEO and direct you towards expert articles on how to do each piece.

Why bother with SEO?
SEO might seem so daunting, that you wonder if it's even worth bothering with. I can assure you, it's worth the trouble. My own online shop makes thousands of dollars every month from traffic delivered via search engines. Search engine traffic is qualified traffic that's looking for the products you sell and ready to buy them.

No Budget, No Problem
If you've got almost no money in your marketing budget, SEO is for you. While many companies pay SEO firms for their expertise, you can get started without hiring an expensive pro. Expensive SEO professionals will definitely save you time and the trouble of learning SEO yourself, but if you can spare a few hours each week and don't mind rolling up your sleeves to do a little work, you can get great results on your own. You won't need wads of cash, just some know how and spare time. My FREE guide will bring you the knowledge, the rest is up to you.

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