Harness the Power of Google Analytics Tracking

Chances are you didn't start your business because you're a techie who enjoys pouring over statistics and graphs. If you've ever felt confused or overwhelmed trying to make sense of Google Analytics, help has finally come. "Harnessing Google Analytics" breaks Google Analytics down step-by-step in an easy-to-understand, user-friendly format.

What makes this book different:

  • Written by a small business owner, for small business owners. This book offers a first hand understanding of how the information in Google Analytics matters to you.

  • Breaks down the "techie speak" into easy-to-understand plain English.

  • Helpful screen shots guide you along the way so you always know you're looking at just the right thing and clicking in just the right place.

  • Real world examples of how to apply what you're seeing to make more money and grow your brand.
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you'll be able to answer with the help of this book.

What readers say:

"Before reading Meredith’s book, Google Analytics represented the most confusing thing in the world that I knew I HAD to understand to truly propel my business into success. I’d had it installed for almost 2 years but beyond looking at the main line graph and the pretty colored map, I did nothing with it. It intimidated me with all of its buttons and code. Thankfully, Meredith’s book embraced my fear. Her chapters are full of screenshots, highlighted code, and helpful tips for each step of the analysis." - Create Hype

What's in the book:

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This book will be most effective for people who have their own websites. If you depend entirely on a service like Artfire or Etsy to sell online, many of the cool stuff this book can teach you to do won't work for you. The reason is that in order to make Google Analytics work to it's fullest potential, you need access to your website's source code. If you sell on Artfire, Etsy, etc. you can't access this so you won't be able to implement some of Google Analytic's most useful functionality. I have written many articles here about why you should have your own website, harnessing Google Analytics effectively is just one more reason. If you need others, check out my rants on reputation management, re-marketing, SEO, losing sales, secondary conversions, affiliate programs and my personal reasons for having my own website.

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