Advertising for Handmade/Indie Goods

Advertising on just one blog can eat up the entire advertising budget for an indie business. Some ad venues may be prohibitively expensive altogether. This is why we started advertising co-ops. In short, the cost of advertising is shared among a group of small businesses, delivering the best bang for your buck

Why choose co-op advertising?

To get more information about current co-op advertising opportunities, contact us.

What Members Have Said About Co-op Advertising

"I've had a lot of traffic, new people signing up for my email list and quite a few sales from the holiday promo, so thanks! Co-op advertising has been successful for me."
Amber Coppings, Xmittens

"I've been very pleased with my participation in the I Shop Indie program so far. It's been one of the biggest sources of traffic for my shop since I started and it's led to some definite sales. "
Mallory Whitfield, Miss Malaprop

"Thank you so much as I Shop Indie has gotten me press coverage with this journalist. Thank you so much. Much appreciated for everything!"
Charmaine Leung, Go Jewelry

“Just want to give my props to Cutique- I've had TONS of traffic and 5 sales so far this month, and it's only the 3rd day of the month! If your products fit the bill, I say join! join! I've made well over the membership fee it costs to join already in the past week, so I say it's definitely worth a shot!”
Jena Coray, Formerly of Modishoppe, Currently of Modish Blog

“I highly recommend, it brought us a lot of traffic and a lot of sales!”
- Amy Roche, Purple Pink and Orange

“I would highly recommend Cutique! It bought me great traffic and sales. It's the best deal for Internet advertising.”
- Lilie Wells, A Planet 4 Creation

“I just wanted to share that I signed up for loungeluxe last week and have had several sales already, that will cover quite a few months of the cost. ”
- Linda Trent, Linda Trent Jewelry

Advertising to Small Business

If your goal is to market your product or services to creative entrepreneurs, let's talk! Smaller Box attracts thousands of small business owners every month. This is the ideal audience for marketing services such as web design, domain name registration, printing services, craft supplies and more! For business-to-business advertisers, I have two options:

Self-Serve Advertising
My self-serve ad box is run through Project Wonderful. Pricing is auction based and charged as a flat daily rate.

Custom Advertising
My custom advertising program gets your message included in:
- my monthly newsletter
- a blog post on Smaller Box
- my banner ads

This is a more comprehensive package with broader exposure for your business. To discuss rates and details, send me an email.