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About Smaller Box

Smaller Box was founded by a busy indie entrepreneur like you. We're not anything like the Best Buys and Walmarts of the world. We're not big box, we're smaller box.

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About the Author

Smaller Box was founded by Meredith Keller. Meredith runs Ex-Boyfriend with partner Matt Snow. All of Meredith's advice is based on first-hand experience starting and growing a successful product-based business. Since its inception, Ex-Boyfriend has amassed thousands of customers, shipped products to every inhabited continent on the planet, and had products featured on several popular network TV shows, blogs and in magazines. In short, Meredith knows how to start a business from scratch and build a popular successful brand.

Meredith's interests include viral marketing, publicity, branding, email marketing, social media, and conversion rate optimization, She has a passion for helping creative entrepreneurs with growing a business. Regular readers at Smaller Box appreciate Meredith's pull-no-punches writing style and ability to make technical and advanced topics accessible.

What people are saying

"FINALLY! Someone with the guts and brains to come right out and say it in plain English! "
- Pam, Strange Puppy

"I thoroughly enjoyed the call. Such valuable information. Many people talk about what to do, but you gave me some suggestions and resources on how to implement. Thanks again for giving me focus and sharing your insights. I'm sure I'll be in touch."
Myesha Henderson, MYCA Designs

"I always love reading your blog, Meredith! Whenever I feel like Iím getting off track, I come over here and read something that kicks me in the butt and makes me realize what needs to get done!"
- Christine, Maiautumn

"This post is exactly why I read your blog. I love when you say what you really think even if it might not be the popular point of view...Thank you for all of the tangible guidance you provide. Itís been so invaluable to me, even if, as you say, itís not always what I want to hear."
- Jillian, jfrancesdesign

"you are my first destination when I turn on my computer!"
- Alison, Burnish and Brush

"I just purchased two of your e-books (Marketing With A Plan & Google Analytics). I am working through the Marketing With A Plan book and find it very easy (informative & fun as well) to follow. Your Coversion calculator would really help me out with developing my marketing plan for this year. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! "
- Zakia, Finest Expressions

"Precise and sharp. Just what I needed to know to take my online business to the next level."
- Nicole, OpusMuse

"I've got too many blogs to follow these days but I always try to read yours. You've got so many of these to-the-point and useful posts and I always look forward to reading them. Your blog has simply become my own check list of things I could do to improve my site and my business (if only there were more hours in my day!)"
- Doris, Hop Frog Pond

"Thanks Meredith for all the great content you publish. Smaller Box is such a great resource!"
- Courtney, Meylah

"Thanks for the great advice...Such a great insightful perspective!"
- Mayi Carles, Heartmade

"Thanks for such an insightful, straight talking biz blog!"
- Tania, Indobay

"I start reading your articles, then I find myself going through the archives looking for other good stuff to read. Before I know it, Iíve spent 30 minutes here (when I should have been doing something else)!"
- Josh, joshsworld.com

"THANK YOU for an honest look at how real business works."
- Sherry,

"Meredith, Iím so glad I met you! I have implemented and studied little by little what you have taught and by golly! Itís working. And it does take time and you do have to maintain it. I thought, post a website and walk away. But noooo, it needs to be nourished and maintained and researched and tweaked and on and on. You woke me up to new frontiers, Iíve reached new potential sales and I thank you for that!"
- Melinda, Jewelry Assembly Chicks

"I discovered you about a month ago, now youíre apart of my daily routine."
- Renee,Crash Pad Designs